Extend 3G Signal Booster

eXTEND is a unique GSM, 3G, UMTS & 4G signal booster for any size motor or sail yacht.

  • It extends signals up to 40km offshore which previously would have been out of range
  • It extends signals into quiet and secluded anchorages where previously there would have been no signalExtend 3G Signal Booster

eXTEND reaches the places where most phones will not work. 

  • It has 6 specific noise filters, 2 for each modem
  • An individual gain control for every frequency
  • The unit has been designed, optimised and approved for use at sea 
  • Covers all 3 European frequencies
  • An identical unit for US frequencies is available


eXTEND picks up the faintest signal from a GSM tower up to 40km off shore, amplifies and filters out the noise, and retransmits the signal aboard the vessel.

This is particularly useful in the Med where GSM, 3G and UMTS coverage is extensive, and yachts mostly cruise around the coastlines. 

eXTEND is a great solution for any size or type of yacht that cruises in areas with GSM, 3G, UMTS & 4G coverage.