The first full service media hosting solution designed specifically for the superyacht industry

The Jetstream® is the most professional mobile streaming service on the market today. Your channels are available to you on any computer with an internet connection or, through The Jetset giving you full control with any home automation system. Log in with your credentials and your TV channels are at your fingertips with the full functionality of your satellite receiver. Using antennae arrays at our acquisition centres around the globe, this dedicated wide area network infrastructure ensures your stream can be accessed anywhere with the highest quality. The Jetstream functions through VSAT, Wifi, 3G and can also be viewed on private jets. Initially inspired for the superyacht industry due to the seasonal crossings from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, this service will guarantee you consistent TV channels wherever you are.

The Jetstream is the first, and currently the only, completely private full service media delivery system. When you subscribe, your favourite TV sources are purchased on your behalf (you are the rightful owner) and hosted in one of our media acquisition “ponds” where your signals are processed and delivered to you over the internet.

Furthermore, the entire media receiver is extended to you with full remote control functionality so you can enjoy all of the features your TV source has to offer such as personal video recording (PVR), pay per view (PPV) and electronic program guide (EPG). Access all of your favorite Russian, English or Arabic receivers via the Jetstream portal via one simple login.

Bandwidth requirements

The Jetstream offers “in player” speed customization with 4 speed settings to customise your experience to your available internet connectivity speed.

The lowest video speed/quality offered (175kbs) delivers media which comfortably runs within most moderate marine data services.

The highest video speed/quality offered delivers media which comfortably runs within most 1.5 megabit marine data services. At this setting the encoders output resolution is standard definition


This is one of the most exciting new developments in a very long long time and will take the in-yacht entertainment business to a whole new level
Robin Van Meeuwen, Sales director, Crestron international